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Author: [info]missthingsplace 
Parings/characters: Jack/Ianto, Gwen, Rhys, Andy, OC's
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood or any of the characters ... unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. 
Summary: Ianto has an accident and Jack's world is thrown out of kilter.
Warnings: Do you watch Torchwood?
Spoilers: Anything is fair game 
Rating: G - NC17 for series

December 21

Jack tossed another chunk of dark chocolate into the air, watching Myfanwy swoop down to catch it expertly before throwing another in her direction until it was all gone.

“Not exactly the breakfast Ianto would approve of I know but … well, he doesn't even remember me let alone you,” Jack told the creature, wondering absently if it would notice the other man's absence and if it was capable of missing him.

The sound of the sirens going off when the cog door slid open didn't even attract his attention from talking to the prehistoric creature

“Perhaps I need to bring him here, how could anyone forget you?”

“Jack?” Gwen's voice asked softly, her footsteps nearing him across the floor. “Any change?”

“Not since I called last night, that I know of,” Jack shrugged sadly.

“Have you been back to the hospital?” She asked.

“No, Rhiannon called me this morning, he is still in denial that it's 2014 and is insistent that he is only fifteen,” Jack answered. “she has spoken to the nurses about showing him his reflection and after a little persuasion – they kept insisting that it was too soon – they have finally agreed that she can be there today, that she can give him the mirror.”

“Are you going to the hospital for this?” Gwen asked.

“I want to, I have it in my head that he will see his reflection and the shock of not seeing his fifteen year old self will have his memory returning like a shot,” Jack told her. “but I do live in the real world most of the time and I know it won't be that simple.”

“There is always a chance,” Gwen said gently. “even if it is only tiny, one or two percent wouldn't you regret it if he memory did come flooding back and you weren't there?”

“You didn't see him last night,” Jack told her, not caring that a stray tear was rolling down his cheek. “he was so angry at me, he has it in his head that I am some kind of dirty old man; a pervert.”

“Jack, he's confused ...”

“He hates the sight of me Gwen, and I don't know if I can cope with that,” Jack said, tears rolling unhindered down his face to drip onto his shirt.

Gwen pulled him into a hug, letting his bury his face in her shoulder and held him until he pulled back some minutes later.

“Thanks,” Jack said, a little abruptly.

“Jack, would you like me to go, to the hospital?” Gwen suggested. “I think, that maybe if his memory does come back he will remember me and along with Rhiannon. Then we can call you?”

“And if he doesn't remember, you can call me and I can forget all about the first person I have fallen in love with in years and get on with my life?” Jack answered a little harshly.

“That's not what will happen Jack,” Gwen said, getting angry with the Captain. “it might not happen today but are you going to give up that easily on, as you say the man you love? He could get his memories back in a week, a month and I know that he will feel awful for not remembering you; rejecting you and if he then discovers that you are discarded him … he will hate you for real.”

“Of course I love him, why else is this so hard?” Jack shouted at her, running off across the hub and up the stairs to his office.

“Then act like the man I know and be positive!” Gwen yelled after him, chasing after him. “Ianto is going to remember us all, Myfanwy included.”

“I thought about bringing him here,” Jack told her quietly. “surely seeing everything here would jog his memory?”

“Maybe, but one step at a time, hey Jack?” She said.

“I guess so,”

“How about this, you come to the hospital with me this afternoon but you stay outside the ward,” Gwen suggested. “I will go in with Rhiannon to support her because I can only imagine how upsetting this is for her too and then you will be there if his memory shows any sign of returning.”

Jack pondered on it for a few minutes before replying.


“That's settled. Now, I can probably guarantee that you haven't eaten or drunk anything this morning, am I right?” Gwen asked.

“I shared some dark chocolate with Myfanwy but if I am honest she got the majority of it,” Jack told her with a tiny smile.

“Then you'll be wanting that then?” She told him, pointing out the window to the coffee cups and brown paper bag she had placed on one of the desks when she had first walked it.

“I never even noticed,” Jack said, his stomach rumbling at the though of food.

“Not surprising,” Gwen smiled. “you wait here and I will fetch it before Myfanwy takes an interest and we will take time to eat breakfast together. Ianto will need you at full strength when his memory returns.”

“Yeah, when it returns,” Jack said, watching her walk down the stairs into the main hub and praying that she was right.

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