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Author: [info]missthingsplace 
Parings/characters: Jack/Ianto, Gwen, Rhys, Andy, OC's
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood or any of the characters ... unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. 
Summary: Ianto has an accident and Jack's world is thrown out of kilter.
Warnings: Do you watch Torchwood?
Spoilers: Anything is fair game 
Rating: G - NC17 for series
December 21st 

When the rift predictor went off a few minutes after Jack and Gwen had finished eating the Captain almost sighed with relief at having something to occupy his mind of only for a little while. He and Gwen pinpointed the location on a beach around the coast and headed to the destination, the conversation a little strained with Gwen attempting to get him talking about anything and everything but in the end even she fell silent until Jack stopped the SUV on the cliff top.

“Can you see anything?” Gwen asked, following Jack down the rough track that lead to the beach.

“No, nothing obvious yet,” Jack replied, his eyes scanning the area and wondering if it had been washed out to sea.”

“It's quite a large beach, how about you go left and I'll go right?” Gwen suggested.

“Sure,” Jack nodded and promptly walked off to the right.

“Okay, I will go left then,” Gwen said quietly to herself and set off across the beach which consisted of a mix of sand and shingle making it a little easier to walk across than if it was one or the other.

Both of them kept close to the cliff until they met the waters edge and then moved back the other way, taking a new path, eyes firmly on the ground beneath them until Gwen spotted something hidden being a rock in the middle of a rock pool.

“Jack, over her,” she shouted. “I might have found it.”

Jack ran across the beach in long strides to where Gwen stood waiting for him, knowing that if she touched it before the Captain deemed it safe she would find herself admonished. Or dead as he quite often liked to remind her.

“It looks like some kind of creature,” Gwen said when he stopped at her side.

Jack moved closer, picked up a nearby small piece of driftwood and carefully used it to touch the creature, when it didn't show any sign of responding or retaliating the Captain moved closer and then sighed when we realised what it was.

“It's a fish,” Jack explained. “from about a hundred or so years into the future. It's related to Cod, they were fished almost to extinction by the middle of this century and science by then is advanced enough to create a fish that tastes almost exactly the same as Cod but is much larger and breed very quickly.”

“So the poor thing got swept through the rift and beached itself then?” Gwen asked, taking a look at the fish which upon a closer looked had a pale lilac sheen to it's scales.

“That's about the size of it,” Jack nodded, pulling a specimen bag from a pocket and using it to pick of the fish before sealing it inside. “we'll take it back to the hub and incinerate it, we can't leave it here and there is no point dissecting it.”

“I could get Rhys to cook it for dinner,” Gwen suggested. “might me nice with some chunky chips. Although after that business a few years ago with the alien meat I don't think he'd be quite so keen.”

Jack couldn't help but give a small chuckle despite his mood.

“I think it's best we just destroy it,” Jack told her and together they made their way back up the path back to the SUV.

“It it just me or does the path seem steeper now?”

“Yeah but only because it's worse going up rather than down,” Jack agreed.

“Look Jack, whatever happens later, well Rhys and I,” she started trying to word the sentence carefully. “we want you to have dinner with us. Rhys is making his world famous lasagne.”

“You mean when Ianto doesn't remember me you don't want me to be on my own?” Jack replied, his mood sinking again.

“No Jack, even if Ianto did start getting his memory back you still need to eat,” Gwen explained. “and if they move Ianto out of intensive care now he is conscious – which is probable – then they won't allow you to be there except for the usual visiting hours.”

“I … okay, fine,” Jack told her, not wanting to argue as they reached the top of the cliff and the SUV.

Jack stowed the fish in the boot and they headed back to the hub, the awkward silence settling over them once more. They parked and headed into the hub, Gwen offered to deal with the fish and Jack went straight up to his office. Gwen watched the Captain shut his office door and sit at his desk before making her way to the incinerator where she disposed quickly of the fish, washed her hands and went down to the cells and checked on Janet.

“I see Jack took the time to clear out your cell this morning,” Gwen said to the creature. “which is something of a relief to me. I get the feeling you'll miss Ianto, he's taken care of you for so long.”

Janet just tilted her head and grunted at her.

“Yeah, I know,” Gwen said with a small smile. “now all I want of for Ianto to see his reflection later and have it spark something in his mind, even if it's something tiny.”

Janet just stared at her.

“Right, I better go back to the main hub, check on Jack,” she said finally and left Janet staring after her.

Gwen found Jack still in his office and from what she could tell he had buried himself in paperwork, using the hated chore to obviously try and distract his mind for a while. Gwen left him alone, sat at her desk googling memory loss until she could creep out to get them some lunch and phone Rhiannon about Ianto.


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