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Title: Utopia 
Parings/characters: Jack/Ianto, Owen, Toshiko, Gwen, Rhys ... others
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood or any of the characters ... unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. 
Summary: When Ianto is sent a request that he, according to his fathers cannot be turned down he has no idea of how much his life is going to change.
Warnings: Slash, fluff, romance, angst, humour, AU, MPREG
Spoilers: Anything is fair game 
Rating: NC17 for series

Both Jack and Ianto woke with a start, unsure what woke them at first until it became clear it was the sound of shouting and heavy footsteps down below. Rubbing their eyes they moved swiftly off the bed, Jack rushing to look out the shutters and squinting in the bright sunlight he could managed to make out horses and a couple of the Queens Guards.

Queens Guards,” he said simply to Ianto as a loud footsteps pounded and stopped outside their door followed by knuckles being rapped hard on the wood.

Enter,” Jack commanded, standing with Ianto at his side when the door swung open and two Guards who recognised them instantly found themselves speechless for a moment before one of them found his voice and spoke.

Sire, we were searching the property,” he said.

You thought my brother might have them held hostage on a tavern?” Jack asked a little aghast.

We thought it best to not leave any stone unturned.” the other guard put in.

I can understand that,” Ianto said, trying to keep the situation calm. “but I don't think he would take them anywhere in the slightest public.”

No Sire, you have a point,” the first one conceded.

There is no news then? Not even so much as a ransom note?” Jack asked.

Not as yet Sire but I am sure we will hear something soon if we don't find them first,” he replied.

How did we sleep, has the sun reached it's highest point in the sky?” Ianto asked.

No Sire, it is not so long after sunrise,” he answered.

I feel like we have slept for hours,” Jack said knowing it must have only been a couple at the most when he looked out into the sky. “right, we need to continue this search.”

Yes Sire,” the Guard nodded. “We are heading to the coastline next.”

Good, have the forests been searched?” Ianto asked him.

Once the sun rose,” he told him. “it is too dangerous to attempt venturing into them at night Sire,”

I know,” Jack agreed, knowing it to be true but also realising how long it could take to search such a large area. “we will join the forest hunt.”

Sire,” both Guards nodded, saluted and left the room.

Jack and Ianto followed them down and found the owner of the tavern, thanking him for the food and room and offering him a large amount of money. Matthew refused, saying it was his duty to help but the Prince insisted and pressed the gold coins into his hand, thanking him again before they headed out to the stables where Mathews son was brushing down their horses.

Are they ready, we have many miles to travel,” Jack enquired.

Sire, I am sorry but they need more than a few hours rest,” he told him. “they were exhausted, if you take them now then they will fail you.”

Do you have others we may purchase, or borrow?” Ianto asked knowing the boy was right.

No Sire,” he told him with a frown.

Dammit!” Jack grumbled loudly. “it will take too long on foot.”

Ianto took the Princes hand in his own.

I have an idea,” Ianto said, thanking the boy and telling him they would return for the horses before pulling Jack out of the stables. “we need to go back into the meadow.”

The meadow? But there is nothing there that is any use to us,” Jack asked confused.

No, but there will be,” Ianto said, giving him a small, hopeful smile and leading in away from the tavern, back the way they had travelled in the early hours.

I don't understand?” Jack told him.

I am going to call Myfanwy,” Ianto replied. “she will respond to my need.”

You mean? Oh my Goddess!” Jack exclaimed.

Yep, she will help us search,”

You mean help us search by us riding on her back? Up there?” Jack gulped.

It's an amazing feeling, once you get used to it,” Ianto replied. “I got on a horse for you Jack, you can do this for me.”

It's not quite the same thing!” Jack exclaimed when they came to a stop in the middle of the meadow. “And, Ianto it's going to be hard to keep her out of sight.”

I think it's time the whole kingdom knew she existed,” Ianto explained. “she is a symbol of new life, they should see her.”

I ...”

Wait,” Ianto said simply and closed his eyes, concentrating on the Dragon he called out to her with his mind.

Myfanwy, Myfanwy, we need your help,”

He waited a few moments and was rewarded by the Dragons voice in his head.

Yes Master,” she replied. “I am coming, I will find you, we are linked.”

Thank you,” Ianto told her simply and then opened his eyes.

She's coming,” Ianto told his betrothed.

Is it wrong to admit to being more than a little apprehensive?” Jack asked.

Nope,” Ianto replied, remembering his time on the back of the Dragon. “but remember she is coming to help and will never cause us harm.”

I know,” Jack answered. “but ...”

The sound of large wings flapping in the air caused him to stop mid sentence and he and Ianto looked skywards, both spotting the Dragons scales glinting in the sunlight, nearing them at a speed until she finally slowed to land a few feet from them.

Ianto walked straight up to her, Jack following slowly behind and he petted her on her long nose as he spoke.

You have grown,” he said simply.

I have master,” she answered.

Do you have the ability to breathe fire yet?”

I do, we Dragons mature rather quickly,”

We? Are there more of you now?”

Not as yet but there will be,” she answered. “it is written.

You can read?” Ianto frowned.

No Sire, except minds and I can see in your head that the Prince has read the legends,” Myfanwy informed him. “and relayed them to you.”

Ianto nodded.

We will speak more of this later, we need your help,” Ianto explained, this time talking out loud so Jack could hear too. “we have to find the Queen and her intended, they have been taken. Can you fly us over the forest?”

Yes Master,” Myfanwy told him and lowered her body flat to the ground.

Ianto didn't hesitate in climbing onto her back, at the base of her long neck, grasping on tightly to the large scales that covered it. Jack waited until he was fully in position before clambering up behind him and wrapping his arms tightly around Ianto's waist.

Okay, lets go,” Ianto told the Dragon. She lifted herself to her full hight and then spread her wings, soaring them into the sky.


Oh my Goddess!” Jack gasped, clutching on even tighter to the man before him.


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