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Title: Utopia 
Parings/characters: Jack/Ianto, Owen, Toshiko, Gwen, Rhys ... others
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood or any of the characters ... unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. 
Summary: When Ianto is sent a request that he, according to his fathers cannot be turned down he has no idea of how much his life is going to change.
Warnings: Slash, fluff, romance, angst, humour, AU, MPREG
Spoilers: Anything is fair game 
Rating: NC17 for series

It took Jack a few minutes before he realised what an amazing feeling it was to be sat upon the Dragon, soaring through the sky towards the forest. The sun shining brightly down on them while a warm wind rushed past them, ruffling their hair and soon after he loosened his grip a little on Ianto.


This is amazing!” The Captain shouted into the other man's ear. “We will be able to see everything from up here.”


I know,” Ianto called back. “if they are in the forests we will find them.”


They can't have gone too far, they wouldn't risk being seen, surely?” Jack replied.


No, they are close,” Ianto agreed. “we just need to find their hideout.”


Almost there,” Jack said, finding the courage to let go with one hand and point to the edge of the forest, which they were approaching fast.


Ianto nodded.


Myfanwy, we need to search every inch,” Ianto instructed the Dragon.


Yes Master,” her voice filling his mind. “I will circle the perimeter and circle around until we reach the centre.”


Good,” Ianto replied, then relayed her answer to Jack.


The Dragon slowed her flight, doing exactly as she had told Ianto, beginning her exploration of the edge of the forest while they drank in the scenery below them looking for any signs of the missing Queen and the Doctor. They had circled more than a dozen times and they were barely half way to the middle of the forest when they spotted a small stone structure.


What do you think?” Ianto asked, pointing down while the Dragon almost came to a hover over the spot.


No sign of life but it won't hurt to check it out,” Jack answered and Ianto instructed Myfanwy to land in a nearby clearing. Jack was expecting the landing to be rough and gripped his betrothed once more, sighing with relief when the Dragon landed much more gently on the ground that her size would indicate.


Myfanwy lowered her long neck and pressed her body to the ground so they could easily dismount and waited patiently while they headed into the trees, swords drawn, ready for battle.


I think it's been abandoned for a very long time,” Ianto sighed when they grew close to the stone building. It was barely more than a shack that consisted of four walls and a roof, windows and doorway open to the elements and foliage threatened to cover it completely in the not to distant future.


Dammit!” Jack groaned, sitting down on a nearby boulder.


It was always a long shot,” Ianto said gently, taking the Princes hand in his own. “lets get back to Myfanwy and continue the search.”


You're right,” Jack said, getting back to his feet and keeping the younger man's hand in his own while they hurried back to the clearing, speeding up even more so when they heard the distinctive howles of a wolves.


They stopped at the tree line and peered cautiously around one of the large tree trunks at an unexpected sight. Myfanwy was standing in all her glory with her wings expanded to their full span and before her seven huge wolves were sat before her as if hypnotised. They didn't dare move, they kept watching until the wolves appeared to dip their heads down to her, got to their feet and turned and vanished into the forest.


Myfanwy?” Ianto asked questionably.


The wolves Master, they have seen no other humans in the forest,” Myfanwy told him. “they do not believe anyone is hiding out here”


You can speak to wolves?” Ianto asked wide mouthed.


I am a magical creature Master,” the Dragon told him matter of factly.


What?” Jack asked, still rather in awe of the earlier sight.


Ianto explained.


But … really? But … then where the hell are they?” Jack stuttered, feeling in awe of the creature.


Not here,” Ianto replied sadly.


Should we be believing something wolves have told a Dragon?” Jack asked.


Myfanwy believes them to be telling the truth,” Ianto replied and the Dragon snorted as if insulted.


Then where do we go now? Another of the forests?” Jack asked, following Ianto to clamber back upon the Dragon.


We should head back to the castle and check with the Queens Guards I think,” Ianto answered. “we have no way of knowing if there is any news, they may have already found them.”


If they have then Gray better still be alive, I need to deal with my brother,” Jack growled. “okay, we head home but if they are not returned then we go straight back out searching.”


Agreed,” Ianto said then urged the Dragon into flight, both of them hoping and praying to the Goddesses that they would find them safe and sound.


Do you wish for Myfanwy to land out of sight in the meadow?” Jack asked.


No, it's time,” Ianto told him simply.


The Dragon headed straight for the castle, as they approached they could see the people below looking up and pointing and they could imagine clearly the amazement they must be experiencing at the sight before them. They landed within the walled courtyard of the castle, startling the Queens Guards stationed at the gates and ran inside before anyone could stop and question them where they found more Guards gathered in the entrance hall.


Are they here, have they been found?” Jack demanded of the nearest Guard.


No Sire,” he told the Prince sadly. “we have returned only minutes ago to regroup and work out a new plan.”


They are not in the south forest,” Jack informed them. “if you and your men continue to search the others we will search the coast.”


Yes ...” the Guard began to reply only to be interrupted by one of the gate Guards rushing in.


Sire, there is someone at the gates demanding to see you,” the told them. “he says he has a message for you.”


Jack ran from the castle without hesitation and up to the gates where another guard had the man in question held at sword point.


Sire,” the man said, sounding terrified. “I was sent to deliver this.”


He held out a piece of parchment towards the Prince.


They said they would kill my family Sire, if this did not reach you,” he added. “please, take it.”

Jack took the offered parchment and seeing the truth in the man's terrified expression he instructed the Guard to let the man go. Ianto had arrived at his side moments after he had arrived at the gates, he turned to him, pulled the ribbon that wrapped around the parchment and unrolled it, his eyes widening at the words within.

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