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Author: [info]missthingsplace 
Parings/characters: Jack/Ianto, Gwen, Rhys, Andy, OC's
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood or any of the characters ... unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. 
Summary: Ianto has an accident and Jack's world is thrown out of kilter.
Warnings: Do you watch Torchwood?
Spoilers: Anything is fair game 
Rating: G - NC17 for series

Jack returned to the hospital with mixed emotions, Gwen was trying her best to be positive and upbeat, not insisting that all would be okay but making sure he knew that anything was possible. When they arrived at the door to Intensive Care Jack sat down on one of the now familiar plastic chairs in the corridor while Gwen pushed the button that allowed her entry and once she had vanished from sight he began to wonder if he had made the right decision to stay outside.

Gwen knocked softly on the door of Ianto's room and opened it to find Rhiannon already there, talking to him and gave them both a smile.

“Hi Ianto, I'm Gwen, we work together,” she said, introducing herself. “I know you are going through a hard time and what is planned for this evening so I thought someone else that knows you should be here if your memories come rushing back.”

“You mean he told you to come,” Ianto griped.

“Jack you mean? No, I offered, he is very worried and upset,” Gwen replied gently. “he wanted to be here himself but he didn't wish to upset you again.”

“Good, I don't want him here,” Ianto stated and then turned to his sister. “are we going to do this? I need to see my own face.”

“I'll fetch the nurse?” Gwen asked.

“Please,” Rhiannon answered

Gwen left the room and returned moments later with the nurse who carried a smallish mirror.

“Are you sure you are ready for this Mr Jones?” The nurse enquired.

“I have to see for myself,” Ianto insisted, reaching out with one hand for the mirror.

“Remember Mr Jones, you are going to look older than you remember,” she said, reluctantly handing him the mirror.

Ianto took it and closed his eyes, holding it in both hands before him and breathing deeply for a moment or two before opening them slowly, the look in his eyes said it all. They widened in horror at his reflection, one hand leaving the mirror to trace of his face, watching it in the mirror as did so like he it was some kind of optical illusion.

“Ianto?” Rhiannon asked.

“Rhi … I thought I was prepared for this,” Ianto answered, a tear sliding down his cheek. “I mean, you look older and … I knew what you said must be true on some level but I didn't want to believe it. I … Rhiannon, I'm old!”

“Thirty one is not old,” Gwen put in gently.

“It is when you think you are only fifteen,” Ianto answered, still staring at his reflection. “It's true … I … I really work with you and him?”

Gwen nodded. “You don't remember, nothing has come back to you?”

“No,” Ianto gulped. “in my head I am trying to remember if I finished my geography homework. I'm scared Rhi, what if my memories never return?”

“They could come back in a flash suddenly or slowly seep into your mind over the next few week or months,” the nurse said, trying to reassure the young man who was obviously getting more and more upset by his reflection and inability to remember.

“But they might never return, right?” He asked her.

“It's a possibility but there are many things you can do to try and help,” she told him. “mixing with people you know, like those you have worked with and friends.”

“Like me,” Gwen said with a smile.

“Maybe,” Ianto said. “but you have to promise to keep that man away from me.”

Gwen sighed. “He loves you you know, very much,”

“So he says, but I don't remember him at all … Rhiannon, do you think I'll be able to talk to Joanna?”

“I will try and track her down, but I can't promise anything,” Rhiannon told him.

“Thank you,” Ianto said. “I think I want to be alone for a while now.”

“Are you sure that's a good idea?” Rhiannon said, looking at the nurse.

“It won't harm him to rest,” she replied. “the doctor will be coming to assess you tomorrow Ianto, if he thinks you are well enough you'll be able to go home, but you'll still need to rest.”

“Home? I have no idea where that is … I can't go and live with … him ...” Ianto stuttered.

“You can come and live with me and Johnny,” Rhiannon assured him. “you'll like Johnny and the kids will love having you there, they don't get to see enough of you.”

“Kids? You have kids?” Ianto asked, wide eyed.

“Yeah,” his sister grinned. “now, we will leave you in peace and wait for the doctors decision tomorrow before we decide anything.”

“Okay, thanks,” Ianto told her with a weak smile and then turned to Gwen. “Gwen, will it be okay if we talk again, properly and see if it can spark any of my memories?”

“Of course,” Gwen smiled. “I should go, leave you and your sister alone for a few minutes.”


Gwen slipped from the room and hurried down the ward, out the doors and found Jack exactly where she had left him studying his mobile phone.

“I was hoping for a rift alert, all this waiting around is killing me,” Jack told her. “so, I am guessing by the fact that you are not dragging me into Ianto's room it didn't work?”

“No,” Gwen answered shaking her head. “the nurse said the doctor is reassessing him tomorrow and he may be able to go home.”

“He's going to come back to the flat?” Jack asked hopefully.

“I'm afraid not, Rhiannon has offered him a room at her place,” Gwen explained. “once he is back in the real world then there will be more things that could help spark his memories.”

“I guess ...”

“He wants to talk to me more, someone he worked with,” she said. “he's hoping that might help.”

“That's something,” Jack shrugged. “I am trying to be positive, I really am.”

“I know, come on, lets get out of here,” Gwen suggested.

“Yeah, I really need a drink, join me?”

“Sure,” she answered, knowing that for Jack to require alcohol he was feeling really bad and she didn't want to leave him alone.  


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