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Title: Utopia 
Parings/characters: Jack/Ianto, Owen, Toshiko, Gwen, Rhys ... others
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood or any of the characters ... unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. 
Summary: When Ianto is sent a request that he, according to his fathers cannot be turned down he has no idea of how much his life is going to change.
Warnings: Slash, fluff, romance, angst, humour, AU, MPREG
Spoilers: Anything is fair game 
Rating: NC17 for series

A/N Sorry about the delay, real life kinda got in the way.

The bastard!” Jack yelled, thrusting the parchment towards Ianto, too angry to read it out loud to him.


Ianto took it and scanned the page, trying to reign in his anger while he read out the written text.


If you wish the Queen and the Doctor to live then I have only one proposal for you. It is non negotiable. Your life for theirs. And not just yours but that husband of yours too.” Ianto paused to take a steadying breath. “You will meet at our place, where we played as children. Be there by sundown this evening or they die. If I see any sign of the Queens Guards the same ending will befall them. Gray.”


You know where he means?” One of the Queens Guards asked the Prince.


Jack nodded solemnly. “Why didn't I think of it, the cave.”


Cave?” Ianto asked.


Down on the beach, the very one I have taken you too,” Jack explained. “you can only get to it when the tide it out but once you have climbed up inside you're above water level.”


Then I am guessing that low tide is at sunset?” Ianto questioned.




Sire, surely you are not going to give your life for theirs? There must be a way we can save the Queen and her Betrothed without you and yours giving your own lives.” The Queens Guard asked, concerned.


We have less than six hours to come up with a plan,” Jack told him. “if we come up empty handed then yes, I shall give my life.”


And that of your Betrothed?”


If Jack goes, I go,” Ianto stated, trying not to look as terrified as he felt inside.


But the babies?”


The Queen and the Doctor will take care of them,” Jack answered, a lump forming in his throat at the thought of leaving the twins.


We will come up with a plan,” the Guard insisted.


Is Myfanwy still outside?” Ianto asked, wanting to speak to the magical creature more now than at any other time.


Myfanwy?” The Guard asked.


My dragon,” Ianto replied.


Your dragon?”


Yes, she wasn't an illusion, I am her Master,” Ianto huffed in frustration.


It has flown away Sire,”


I imagine the crowds were all too much for her,” Jack said sadly. “right, I want the four highest ranking Guards to follow me, we need to get organised.”


Sire,” the senior Guard replied, called out to three other men by name and they rushed after Jack and Ianto towards one of the rooms off the main entrance hall that was once a boardroom and arranged themselves around the large polished oak table.


Are you sure there is no the entrance to the cave?”


We could hide outside the entrance and rush in once the Queen and the Doctor are safe,”


Do you think he would take lives inside the cave or move to another location?”


You could conceal weapons about your person and attack him once he has freed the prisoners?”


Gentlemen,” Jack spoke, halting the questions that were being fired at him from the four Guards. “this is the situation as I see it. There is only one entrance – exit to the cave. We cannot gain entrance to it until low tide because it is covered by the sea. The main priority is to get Donna and the Doctor out of there safe and alive – I do not trust my brother one inch, in a heartbeat he could change his mind and kill them for, as he would say, just for the fun of it. I am all for taking in hidden weapons but if he even suspects that we have them then he will kill them without thinking about it first. As for where he would kill us? I have no idea, my brother is nothing if unpredictable.”


But we could plan for all situations, yes?” Ianto put in. “We could have the Guards hiding out of sight on the top of the cliffs for when he emerges out of the cave to ambush him?”


Well, even if he does manage his goal and kill us then I wouldn't want him to get out of this alive,” Jack answered. “he cannot be allowed to live, he has managed to escape from not one but two asylums and he is a danger to all the Realms.”


Well, that at least is agreed then?” The senior Guard asked.


Yes,” Jack nodded, his brow crinkled with deep frown lines.


We can't take swords with us,” Ianto added. “there is no way of concealing them but we could conceal small daggers beneath our clothes. If we wrapped a length of cloth around our waists under our tunics and tuck the blade under it he wouldn't suspect anything.”


I guess so,” Jack agreed. “but we have to time it perfectly or ...”


I know,” Ianto stated gently so Jack didn't have to finish the sentence about his cousin and the Doctor losing their lives.


Is there no way we could lure him out of the cave onto the beach?” One of the guards suggested.


I wish,” Jack sighed. “but I know brother, he will stick to his plan.”


Do you think he has accomplices with him?” Ianto asked.


Knowing Gray probably not, he will want to take all the credit for this himself,” Jack answered. “but there is always a possibility.”


I wish there was some way Myfanwy could help but I am guessing that the cave entrance is far to small to accommodate her?” Ianto asked.


Sadly, yes,” Jack told him. “right, as I see it this is the plan. We will head to the cliff top before sunset and scope out the beach, the Guards will follow soon after and conceal themselves to lie in waiting while we make our way down the cliffs to be there the instant the entrance to the cave is accessible and will enter. Hopefully the Queen and the Doctor will emerge soon after and … well, the rest is up to the Goddesses.”


Sire, I really am not comfortable with this plan,” the senior Guard told him.


Given the instructions on the parchment there is nothing else we can do,” Jack told him. “we can only hope that luck and the Goddesses are on our side.”


If there are two of us and one of him then we can overpower him,” Ianto said firmly.


With an ego the size of his it's what I am hoping for,” Jack said, reaching out for the hand of his Betrothed and squeezing it, hating that his brothers hatred of him at got his love into this situation. “Guards, go and ready your men, Ianto, we are going to spent the remaining few hours until sunset with our babies.”

Yes Sire,” all for guards replied in unison and left the room followed by Jack and Ianto, still hand in hand as they made their way up to the babies nursery, both of them feeling too sad to say a single word while they ascended the steps.


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