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 Okay, it's been a while bit here is an update about stuff! 

So, I went to see the specialist about my knee again in June, had another x ray and it has got progressively worse. There is no gap whatsoever between the bones of my knee and the bone is merrily growing to try and compensate for the fact that the patella has run away. It is now extremely painful, i am on Tramadol, a restricted drug which barely takes the edge off and i can't bear to stand or walk for about 15 minutes at a time.

My doctor signed me off work, this is my 13th week off sick as my job requires me to be on my feet for 4 hours at a time and i cannot do this. I have explained exactly what is wrong with my knee to them, what i can and can't do and they made no effort to try and accommodate my situation - for example, it gets more and more painful as the day goes on and putting me on an evening shift of 5pm to 9pm is bad enough as i am already it much more pain by then but this shift requires being on the shop floor to tidy up and size order stuff .... what part of 'i can't do anything on the shop floor' did they not understand? I said that i could do tills or fitting room where i could take a few minutes to sit down if needed but it seemed to go in one ear and out the other!

This became the final straw, i was fed up with putting myself through agony 5 days a week when they obviously didn't give a toss. Mmy blood pressure was sky high which my doctor believes to be caused by pain related stress. I was stressed generally and  spent a lot of my non work time in tears and not sleeping because of the insomnia it was causing me. 

I am bored stupid, i admit that, being at home so much, my mum takes me to town once a week to do stuff i need to but we spend most of the time in the coffee shop chatting than in actual shops! Sometimes i go out and meet my daughter for lunch or whatever and she understands that i need to rest every 15 minutes or so.

My doctor is happy to keep signing me off every 4 weeks until after my operation, i don't even have to go and see her, just phone and leave a reminder for her to do so, although i do have to go every so often so she can check my blood pressure, which is finally coming back down.

I am finally on the list of a knee replacement operation which has a 5 month waiting time unless the consultant has a cancellation, if not nothing will happen until November - i might have gone seriously mad though boredom by then! I have been reading a lot, trying not to bake as i have lost almost 2 stone and backing would mean eating things i shouldn't ... but the urge is too strong sometimes - and i have aken up colouring in for adults, which is actually rather relaxing and the time flies by. You can only spend so much time watching tv or being on-line.

I am, once more trying to get back into writing. I am doing Camp Nano and using it to try and get some more of my novel written and rewriting some of it that i am not completely happy with and you never know, maybe one day i will finally finish it. I sent the prologue to a friend - an ex manager from work actually - who i trust and she loved it and made a couple of suggestions that i agreed with so over the past few days i have rewritten one element of it and added extra information on another to make something clearer.

I know i have some unfinished WIP's and yes, i do feel badly about this but hopefully i can get back into writing my fan-fiction too.

On the plus side - yes, there is one - my daughter and her husband are expecting their first baby. She is 22 weeks pregnant. For now we are not sure what it is as the baby didn't want to play ball at her scan two weeks ago. They think it's a boy but not 100% sure so for now we are not rushing out to buy things in blue. She is sticking to pale lemon and green. We pick her pram up next week which we will keep here for her and she will be ordering the cot and bedroom furniture at the same time.

I will have a grandchild that i will actually get to see and spend time with and i can't wait!

Scratch and Sniff are both doing fine, i still wanna bury Scratch under the patio sometimes when he's driving me nuts - i have never met such a dim dog in my life before - but he is very affectionate so that is saving him :) 

I am currently waiting for the four items i ordered from Amazon yesterday thanks to their Prime day to be delivered! 

I am probably driving my facebook friends nut, posting more than normal due to boredom, lol!

Anyway, i shall stop rambling now!

Di xx 


Date: 2015-07-16 11:21 am (UTC)
badly_knitted: (Hello)
From: [personal profile] badly_knitted
*hugs* I'm so glad you're on the waiting list, even though it's so long. The people at your job are clearly a bunch of uncaring idiots who had no intention of helping you cope, being off work is best for you even though it can be boring. I don't work, but before the internet and writing came into my life I was often bored. Now, there aren't enough hours in the day!

Good luck with all your writing, and if you ever need someone to moan to, you know where I am. Take things as easy as you can.

Conratulations to all on the forthcoming grand-baby!

Date: 2015-07-28 09:20 am (UTC)
badly_knitted: Cartoon Jack Doll (Have You Hugged Your Jack Today?)
From: [personal profile] badly_knitted
*hugs tight* You know I'll always listen, and it's good to be able to get things off your chest. Your friend's right, they can't force you back when you're not able to do the job, and your doctor will surely set them straight. I'm sorry you're having so many side effects from the medications, I hope they're at least helping.

Rest and relax as much as you can. I keep hoping that you'll get bumped up the waiting list, maybe there will be a cancellation. The sooner you get the surgery the better. Try not to worry. I know that's nigh on impossible, but you're getting good advice and support from those who care about you. The people at work are just trying it on because they ARE idiots and not worth stressing yourself over. Hang in there, think happy thoughts.

*love and Hugs*

Date: 2015-07-30 11:49 pm (UTC)
badly_knitted: Cartoon Jack Doll (Have You Hugged Your Jack Today?)
From: [personal profile] badly_knitted
Employers are asses in general. They only get to be bosses because they're too useless to do actual work. You're hubby's idea is great, there's no way they'd do all that for you. Just relax, you're following your doctor's advice, and that's the only person you really need to listen to at this point. Wish I could wave a magic wand and take all your stress away.


Date: 2015-07-16 04:08 pm (UTC)
shinya_diey: (coffee)
From: [personal profile] shinya_diey
*hugs* I hope you'll get your knee surgery soon. And I can't understand your bosses, if you could be moved to a different kind of work why not do it? Unfriendly bunch of people. At least you can rest as much as you want, even if it means being bored ;)

Congratulations, I hope your daughter feels well and has no problems with her pregnancy ^^

Date: 2015-07-17 02:59 am (UTC)
thraceadams: (Jack & Ianto Adam Hug w/out you I'm noth)
From: [personal profile] thraceadams
Wow! I"m really glad you're on the waiting list finally! But OMG 5 months??? HOLY CRAP!!! :((( That sucks massively :((( Just damn! I'm thrilled that your doctor is so helpful and that you're off work, so ridiculous that work doesn't understand :(((( I'm glad the Tramadol is taking the edge off, but DAMN.

YAY for writing! Good for you!

OMG CONGRATS on the upcoming grandchild!!! WOO HOOOO I'm so happy for you :D

Also, I KNOW how boring bedrest is...I was on bedrest for 2 months of my pregnancy, so I feel your pain at being home all the time.

*HUGS* Thanks for the update! I think of you often <33333

Date: 2015-07-30 12:48 am (UTC)
thraceadams: (Agents of SHIELD May BADASS)
From: [personal profile] thraceadams
UGH that sucks so bad :((( I don't blame you for being at your wits' end at all.


Date: 2015-07-21 05:08 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] ukdramafan
So glad you're 'still alive'! Keeping my fingers crossed that they have a cancellation so that you can be bumped up the list. Constant pain is extremely wearing, so glad to hear that you have some good news to provide a bit of distraction. At this rate you'll be having your knee done at around the same time the baby arrives. I hope it all goes well, and that you manage to get some writing done to decrease the boredom.
All the best.
Tricia (ukdramafan)


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