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 So, i finally have a date for my knee replacement operation, 4th January. You have no idea how much i want this operation, i want my life back!

The pain is getting more and more unbearable, i am on two painkillers that are classed as addictive and i really hate taking them. I have been off work for 26 weeks to far, half a damn year thanks to the specialist not putting me straight on the list as i am 'too young'! That really helped.

Work have been so unhelpful and were using the fact that i have no operation date, let alone a return date to try and get rid of me - there are a few of us they would love to get rid of as we have too many hours a week for their liking and therefore earn too much - so tomorrow when i have my next meeting with them i will take great delight in providing them with both and claiming my remaining 24 days holiday that i am still entitled to before the end of March. 

Also, i have a new baby grandson, Harrison, He was born 15 days early but weighed 7 pounds exactly and he and his mum are both doing great despite her less than good experience in the hospital. He likes to keep his mummy and daddy awake in the early hours of the morning but hopefully it will get into a better routine soon.

I am meant to be doing NaNo but haven't written a single word ... oh well, maybe it'll happen before too long. 

I need to get back to work for my mental state too, i am going stir crazy with barely leaving the house as it hurts too much to stand or walk for more than 15 minutes if i am lucky and i should be feeling so much better now that i have a date and the arrival of my grandson but i keep coming over really sad for no apparent reason and bursting into tears over stupid things.

Back on a good note, i shall see my grandson again on Thursday and the dogs are so good around him. Sniff is a tad confuzzled and Scratch gets a worried look on his face whenever he cries.

Right, enough waffle, bed time!

Di xx

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